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Jan. 4th, 2009


bye bye

my LONGGGGGGGG hair...

Dec. 30th, 2008

our belated xmas gift exchange..

met up with baby wen at her workplace.
was my first time there but also the last as it's her last day of work at the clinic..
dinner was at marina sq. lerky thai

had sizzling spicy food and great dessert!

sweetie gave me a notebook , self made delicious munchy crunchy cookies and a handmade pouch

our time together passes so fast...how we wished the time wld freeze..

when i grow up, i wanna be....

Helen Mirren in her
60's ...still looking H.O.T..."sexy mama"

Dec. 10th, 2008

i want them!
new baby..

Dec. 9th, 2008

it's the Season of Joy & Giving ~


my dec is so so packed with programmes!

went for full length rebonding at amk house salon last tue..
auntie karen was great!
she was so bubbly and careful in doing my hair..time passes so fast while playing with her son.
most importantly, the rate is DARN CHEAP!
interested? book an appt with them now!


my agnes b wallet has arrived in spore and i cant wait to see it!
my galfrens have been bugging me to show dem the wallet so we cld share the lobangs! haha

wohoo~long weekends ahead..


was reading tru my favourite fashion mag and i saw him...

honestly speaking, his figure is not THAT bad actually...i mean..WOMANLY figure..
slender legs - tick
not so flabby arms - tick
seen-able waist line - tick
sharp chin - tick
fair complexion - tick
finally.....model pose- tick

as you can see..he fulfills the checklist for the "can-make-it" lady..(better not mention the jelly-fish hairstyle)
kinda feel a shame for myself for losing to a guy..
buck up! tone up!

looking forward for the dec overseas trip with my mum..
gonna shop till we drop again!! but once again, my pocket hole is getting biggerrrr